Tall Utah Celery


Apium graveolens

Delicious and nutritious!

An often ridiculed crop, as many believe that it takes more energy to eat celery than one gets back in nutrition. However, what a lot of people miss is that celery is a very rich source of minerals that are needed in the human body. Fresh celery tastes so much better than the pale store-bought stuff and Tall Utah is a lovely dark stemmed variety.

Seed count: Approximately 50 seeds
Best planting: January – May, August
Ease of growth: Medium
Heirloom: Typically a variety that is older than 60 years.

General Information

  • Height/width of the plant: 45+ cm
  • Growth type: This variety is suitable for planting in pots or in small gardens, as they do not take up a lot of space, and has a bush or compact growth habit.
  • Ideal germination temperature: 15°C
  • Average germination in days: 10-15 days
  • Sow method: The seed is best suited to starting off in seed trays and then transplanted once they are past the two true leaf stage, however, it can be sown directly in the soil from the start.
  • Plant type: Hardy, Annual
  • Plant use: Grown either mainly as a leaf crop or the young leaves can be used as salad greens.
  • Plant/row spacing: 20 cm/50 cm
  • Days to harvest: 100+ days
  • Seed treatment:
    Chill in the fridge for 2 weeks – A number of seeds need cold treatment prior to sowing. If not chilled, the seed’s internal ‘germination mechanism’ does not get turned on.
    Needs light to germinate – Light is a requirement for a number of seeds. If planted too deeply the seeds will simply not germinate. In this case, the seeds should very lightly covered with fine sand, soil or vermiculite.





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