Physalis edulis

Sweet tartness!

As you bite into a gooseberry, it pops in your mouth releasing that wonderful sweet-tart flavour. Plant it in a bed that is well prepared, although it will grow in just about any soil, preparation of the planting bed will pay big in crops, as the bushes will be there for a few years. Plant in early spring and harvest in late summer.

Seed count: Approximately 50 seeds
Best planting: August – January
Ease of growth: Very easy
Heirloom: Typically a variety that is older than 60 years.

General Information

  • Height/width of the plant: 75+ cm
  • Growth type: This variety will sprawl and send out runners along the ground.
  • Ideal germination temperature: 15°C
  • Average germination in days: 7-10 days
  • Sow method: The seed is best suited to starting off in seed trays and then transplanted once they are past the two true leaf stage.
  • Plant type: Tender, Perennial
  • Plant use: This is a well-known cooking variety, suited for both home and professional chefs.
  • Plant/row spacing: 15 cm/50 cm
  • Days to harvest: 130 days
  • Seed treatment: No special treatment.

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