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Costaluto Genovese


Solanum lycopersicum

Beautifully ruffled!

The Costaluto tomato is a beautiful, ruffled, bright red fruit. Looks great, sliced as rounds into your salads. The flesh is somewhat acidic, which compliments the flavour. Not like store-bought fruits where the acid is the flavour. This also makes a great sauce tomato for cooking. This is a well-known cooking variety, suited for both home and professional chefs.

Seed count: Approximately 25 seeds
Best planting: August – January
Ease of growth: Very easy
Heirloom: Typically a variety that is older than 60 years.

General Information

  • Height/width of the plant: 200+ cm
  • Growth type: This variety will be best trained up a string or in a wire cage, however, it is also suitable for planting in pots or in small gardens, as they do not take up a lot of space. Will produce continuously.
  • Ideal germination temperature: 17°C
  • Average germination in days: 7-10 days
  • Sow method: The seed is best suited to starting off in seed trays and then transplanted once they are past the two true leaf stage.
  • Plant type: Tender/Annual
  • Plant use: This is a well-known cooking variety, suited for both home and professional chefs.
  • Plant/row spacing: 60 cm/90 cm
  • Days to harvest: 90 days
  • Seed treatment: These seeds will benefit from bottom heat, however, it will germinate without it. The additional heat stimulates germination, gives even germination and speeds up the process.

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3 reviews for Costaluto Genovese

  1. Cath

    These medium sized ribbed tomatoes are the tastiest tomatoes I have eaten. I grew them from old seed from a friend, so only one plant germinated. It needed nurturing from disease, but the fruit was worth the effort.

  2. Arthur Götz

    A prolific bearer, but somewhat intolerant to heat, leading to split fruit and curled leaves. Make sure that you have sufficient calcium in the soil, and mulch thickly (I did with newspapers topped with compost). Having said that, they taste absolutely great and I will order again.

  3. Aaron

    My first time growing this tomato and i’m really impressed at the beautiful red colour and slight yellow stripes. Tastes amazing and well worth the wait!

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