Green Globe Artichoke


Cynara scolymus

Flowers and hearts!

The food of Kings, artichokes are typically served either as a whole immature flower or just the hearts. Personally, I think it’s just an excuse to pig out on loads of garlic butter! Boil the unopened flower heads for 5-10 min and then smother the flowers in garlic butter. Slowly work your way to the centre, eating the bases of the petals until you get to the tender heart. Just beware of the choke…

Seed count: Approximately 20 seeds
Best planting: August – February
Ease of growth: Very easy
Open Pollinated: A variety (if kept pure) that will breed true from season to season.

General Information

  • Height/width of the plant: 130+ cm
  • Growth type: This plant has a bush or compact growth habit.
  • Ideal germination temperature: 14°C
  • Average germination in days: 10+ days
  • Sow method: The seed is best suited to starting off in seed trays and then transplanted once they are past the two true leaf stage.
  • Plant type: Hardy, Perennial
  • Plant use: This is a well-known cooking variety, suited for both home and professional chefs.
  • Plant/row spacing: 50 cm/90 cm
  • Days to harvest: 1+ year
  • Seed treatment: No special treatment.

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