All Year Round Spring Onions


Allium fistulosum

All-year round!

A prolific producer of clusters that are long, white-stemmed spring onion that is deliciously tender and full of flavour. This variety is adaptable to different climates and can be grown throughout the year.

Seed count: Approximately 50 seeds
Best planting: January – April, August – October
Ease of growth: Very easy
Heirloom: Typically a variety that is older than 60 years.

General Information

  • Height/width of the plant: 35+ cm
  • Ideal germination temperature: 15°C
  • Average germination in days: 7-10 days
  • Sow method: This seed is best sown directly in the soil, as transplanting could reduce your yield.
  • Plant type: Hardy, Annual
  • Plant use: This is a well-known cooking variety, suited for both home and professional chefs.
  • Plant/row spacing: 10 cm/20 cm
  • Days to harvest: 110 days
  • Seed treatment: No special treatment.




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