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Colourful African Shwe Shwe products, designed with the consumer in mind.


Born in Zimbabwe, Nomsa was exposed to sewing from a young age when she started her first sewing lessons in grade four. Her love for sewing continued through the years, pushing her into territories of marketing and sales, customer service, product research and design – all at grassroots level.

After spending a few years in Johannesburg where she and her sister-in-law joined their sewing skills and selling their products from door-to-door, she made a strategic move to Cape Town in 2016. She thought her picnic blankets and placemats might entice the tourists visiting the Cape Town beaches.

She spent her days walking and talking to tourists and locals on the beaches, the Sea Point promenada and local markets. Her customer-base started growing from building relationships with her customers, listening to their recommendations and suggestions and taking on commissions for new products. Nomsa is well-loved by her customers and sought-out by new ones as word about the quality and beauty of her products spread.

Nomsa is a true entrepreneur who has shown incredible tenacity and endurance to build up her business from scratch. She has gained experience in all aspects of running a small business, from the initial product-design stages through production, research, marketing, sales, and customer relations. Her success lies in her commitment to keep building her business, keep looking for opportunity, and keep stretching into uncomfortable spheres where opportunity awaits.

She uses only African Shwe Shwe material that she sources from a handful of stores in Johannesburg.

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