Amazing creatures born from pure imagination, ready for adoption.


At the age of eight, Ellen picked up two grass sticks, ordinarily used for building thatch roofs, and started knitting for the first time. A little ball of wool was all she needed. She played around with ideas in her head, creating new things, taking it apart, and creating more. One little ball of wool went a far way with her vivid imagination.

Sitting side-by-side with her grandmother who was famous for her croche’d bedspreads and jerseys, the skill for knitting was passed on from one generation to another. Ellen was adamant to create new things, not household items like many others from her community in Zimbabwe. She loved animals, was inspired by the hopping bunnies and other animals in her yard. Studying them, she would visualise how to create a knitting pattern in her head that would resemble the living creature in front of her. She would recreate cartoon images that she saw on TV and anything that caught her fancy. Her budget allowed for one ball of wool, so she had to practise and learn, using only that one ball of wool!

At the age of 16 she was making beautifully-kintted animals and dolls. When her grandmother passed away, her uncle took her into his care in South Africa. Being a bead and wire artisan who sold at markets and shops, he helped her get started with her knitting business in 2017. Together with her aunt, they sold their products in Hout Bay, and have since expanded to the Atlantic seaboard.

Ellen’s designs are all her own they are innovative, creative, beautiful and inspirational. The patterns are formed in her head, fuelled by her own imagination. She is always on the lookout for new balls of wool at second-hand shops, dreaming of what will come from it. When her products are on display, customers gravitate to her knitted colourful creations – both young and old fall inlove at first glance, feeling, ‘I must have one of those!’.

She is a true artist. What she creates is an extension of who she is and what she loves, and her business naturally bears the fruit that grows from her pure passion and exceptional talent and skill.

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