Afrikarise is born out of our love for the people of Afrika and the faith that she will prosper exceedingly as she turns to innovative production and creation. As a diverse people from many backgrounds and cultures, when joined together, we will become the most brilliant, rich and colourful tapestry the world has ever seen.

Instead of looking outward, driven by her needs, it is time for Africa to look inside and see her hidden potential and limitless possibilites. There is nothing she cannot do.

We believe that a nation can be built in a day. It’s in the working together, partnering our different skills to build each other up, that economic transformation will be seen. When we work alone, it takes a lifetime. When we work as one united people, it will feel like a day.

At Afrikarise, we seek out local artisan talent. It is our vision to support them by selling their products online so that an increased demand for their products will build and grow their business. There’s one life behind a grassroots product sold on the street, but there are several lives behind multiple online orders.

It is our passion to help build Afrika, one life at a time. As one seed, carefully planted and tended has the potential to grow and multiply, so each Afrikarise artisan planted on this e-commerce store has the potential for exponential multiplication.

Behind our products are exceptional people with stories of endurance,  courage, vision and hard work. We also see the importance of keeping artisan skills alive by passing it onto the next generation. 

It is our desire to ignite a flame amongst our people that will inspire them to dream and create. To see beyond life’s challenges. To see that if others can do it, so can I. 

Afrika – this is your time!

and kirsten

As a visionary, creative and technical team, we combine our unique gifting, skills and talents to cast a vision for others to partner with, and a system for them to use.

With our combined backgrounds in graphic and web design, and writing, and our sincere motivation to enable, empower, and mobilise others, we hope this website will be a blessing to both our Afrikan entrepreneurs and world-wide buyers!

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