Welcome to Afrikarise!

Afrikarise was born out of our love for heirloom vegetables, the fulfilment we felt from growing and enjoying our own food, and the desire to live a more simple and self-sustaining lifestyle.

Why choose heirloom vegetable seed?

  • One of the benefits of heirloom vegetables is that they are open-pollinated which means that you can save your seed to replant from year to year. Over time this will give you a seed strain that is more resistant to local pests and diseases.
  • Compared to hybrid varieties heirloom varieties have exceptional taste.
  • Research has shown that heirloom varieties are significantly more nutritious than modern hybrid varieties.
  • They don’t ripen all at once, but if well looked after, will provide a gradual supply of produce throughout the season.
  • Many heirloom varieties have wonderful and inspiring stories, that we have the privilege to be part of.

Where do we get our seed from?

We are partnered with an established, leading seed producer in South Africa who packs and ships our seed orders for us.

Where are we located?

We operate Afrikarise.co from Noordhoek in Cape Town.

We hope that you will get to experience the fulfilment of growing your own heirloom produce and that the happy hours spent tending your vegetable garden will bring you and your loved ones much joy, taking you a few steps closer to a more fulfilling and self-sustaining lifestyle in Africa!

Warren and Kirsten

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