our love
for afrika

Afrikarise is born out of our love for Afrika and our desire to be part of her economic transformation. As a creative, technical and visionary team, Warren and Kirsten Rossiter have created this grassroots e-commerce store to showcase and sell innovative and beautifully-made local products.

With every purchase, the demand for our artisans’ products increases. Afrikarise is not only selling beautiful products, but using our digital platform to help grow local production by expanding market reach for local entrepreneurs.

Behind every product is a courageous entrepreneur who has pushed through the obstacles of pioneering something new. Their stories are shared to inspire and encourage us all. As a people-centered business, Afrikarise values the relationships with our entrepreneurs.

Starting with a small range of products, we will continue to add new products as we grow. We are constantly on the lookout for new products, so contact us if you have a quality, locally-made product to sell.

Join us in transforming Afrika. One life at a time.