There is so much talent and creativity in Afrika. It is our passion to connect innovative products at grassroots-level with keen buyers both locally and internationally.

Afrika faces challenges that many others don’t. It is our endeavour to help and support local product designers through our E-commerce store, positioning them favourably and publicly to a wide target-market. Through an increased demand for their products, their micro business can multiply and grow into a macro business, offering employment and opportunity to many.

This is the kind of economic transformation that we envision and work for. It’s through one life at a time, positioned to prosper, that we will realise the dream of Afrika rising out of poverty into prosperity.

Afrika, this is your time!

and kirsten

As a visionary, creative and technical team, we combine our unique gifting, skills and talents to cast a vision for others to partner with, and a system for them to use.

With our combined backgrounds in graphic and web design, and writing, and our sincere motivation to enable, empower, and mobilise others, we hope this website will be a blessing to both our Afrikan entrepreneurs and world-wide buyers!

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